The Whisper Haunting My Lips

In a ghost of this town, The one that scrambles on too fast, It was destined For us to be lost The intertwine of our hands, destined to be snapped, Dissolving in the smokes of this hustle But in the night when tranquil prevails And the town sleeps, diffusing it's fatigue into little snores, Somehow,... Continue Reading →

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Once in a while, they'd quiz me about you. And I could picture how I'd zap back to a place some years apart and fetch the soliloquy engraved and woven and murmured to myself a hundred times. You: The 6 a.m unforeseen idea, repressed somewhere in my subconscious, surfacing stupendously. The contemplations of the day... Continue Reading →

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A contorted face I do not require to cry Those were the times it didn't have to go wrong for me to feel nothing No bad no good To this day, I'd rather cling And not let go I'd be owling this midnight and ogling at your fancy lifestyle and feel nothing It didn't have... Continue Reading →

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To see me Rise

As profound as I couldn't even be, did I want you to see me But when I look at you, your vapid eyes, You don't even see me as much as I am, right ? But time capsizes and tables are known for turning into pieces, quaint. The clock strikes to the hour Where What... Continue Reading →

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The Bondage

The slumber ends to a dark, dark morning Made of satin, my captivity is The blue of the ocean yonder and the one amidst my bones surge And fall, Walloping and crashing Against each other Impersonating at times The other one Impersonating what lies shunned deep in me But Today is no other day Today... Continue Reading →

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The Poem Tonight

Pretty lowly you think of your unkempt wisps of hair, your not-so-delicate feet and your bony fingers Fusion of all of which depicts how you're made of this earthy soil and fire But if I were an artist and you my intended classic, I'd smear my brush with the azure of the skies and paint... Continue Reading →

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I Paint You

I swerve our love in the direction I'd like it the best as I plunge into the warm corner of my bed each night The black when I close my eyes, a canvas. Enchanting in our real life, it might not be I'd paint a picture in my head and it'll suffice It'll be my... Continue Reading →

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And I Follow Suit

She didn't have to love me back the same I knew it was not the same Not even close But that's what she was, a snowfall in a place which thrived solely on seasonal rains You can't help loving her I followed suit  

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Promise me Today

Tomorrow the rage might have vanished. My touch may no longer be the reason of scarlets on your cheeks. The shine might be all but a haze. Tomorrow, your time might be costlier and our hearts might be hectic But right now! Right now as we sit beneath these stars in your car that takes... Continue Reading →

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The Rummage

My worth, I search, longingly for, in your eyes As if I'd somewhere see, something magnificent about me.  

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As I Hail Myself

As it had to unfold, I entrust to you the beacon of hope to save me. To find me. To find the MAGIC within me I never would. It was foreseeable-Your wrongs down the line. I put on a face of astonishment and dismay. The realization swamped behind the cherry tinted love, now crispier than... Continue Reading →

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