I Paint You

I swerve our love in the direction I'd like it the best as I plunge into the warm corner of my bed each night The black when I close my eyes, a canvas. Enchanting in our real life, it might not be I'd paint a picture in my head and it'll suffice It'll be my... Continue Reading →

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And I Follow Suit

She didn't have to love me back the same I knew it was not the same Not even close But that's what she was, a snowfall in a place which thrived solely on seasonal rains You can't help loving her I followed suit  

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Promise me Today

Tomorrow the rage might have vanished. My touch may no longer be the reason of scarlets on your cheeks. The shine might be all but a haze. Tomorrow, your time might be costlier and our hearts might be hectic But right now! Right now as we sit beneath these stars in your car that takes... Continue Reading →

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The Rummage

My worth, I search, longingly for, in your eyes As if I'd somewhere see, something magnificent about me.  

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One for love

Bespoke and riveting, it was as though you were drunk on stars at times Not a moment as joyful as that one Skipping feet and fluttery heart. It showed- Love was passionate A hand in need, two steps together when roads tiring, a face you could call your own when it all went star-crossed. Love... Continue Reading →

Two Poems

Each word paints a vivid imagination..

Cafe Dissensus Everyday

By Tikuli


I linger unperceived
in the labyrinth of solitude,
not knowing the onward path
or the path of my return
I see a flight of stairs
a portal to a past forgotten
the contours of shadows
create a landscape of dreams
something forgotten stirs,
a lost memory returns
from between somewhere and nowhere
seeking something nebulous
that is always out of reach



two a.m. on Delhi’s post-rain Sunday
I try to wash away the sleepiness
from my insomnia laden eyes
pick a fresh sheet of paper
spread clean water till it sheens
like fresh snow on a sunny day
clean and load the brushes with colours
drop and watch in wonderment
as the colours bleed and waltz
into the white stillness
the ripe colours of autumn,
a drop of sea, the harvest fields,
the washes of sunsets layer after layer
and a moon laid on lake…

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The Evil Whisperer

The goosebumps you get from thinking about something unwarranted, yet plausible when you imagine of it That sick sick joy of wandering where you're advised not to, however confined  in the head The mind that disowns the dark stories, the heart wants to believe in. The fascination with which you devour the wilderness of psychopathic... Continue Reading →

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